Wednesday writing update

No emails from literary agents or publishers today. Both a good and bad thing. Bad that still no good news; good that the number of chances I have of receiving that good news has not diminished.

Onto the writing itself - I have had a couple of things holding me up a little. The first was a problem. Chapter 7 ended the first section of the novel. Chapter 8 therefore had to move things along to where section two needs to be. Problem was how to get it there. I tried a couple of times over the past two nights and all attempted ended under the backspace key.

This afternoon though I had a couple of ideas. The first is of an entirely new story that has gone into the ideas book. The second was how to approach chaplet 8.1.

Well I can now report that chaplet is done. 576 words long and I have started the move to where I need chapter 9 to begin. Might get to write more later - depends on the second thing...

I bought season 8 DVD of Big Bang Theory. We both love this show (along with most of the planet). When it was on TV it clashed with so many other things we decided to wait for it to come out on DVD. And now it has. So disk 1 has been watched and disk 2 goes in after dinner. I might not make it back to the keyboard.

The new idea would be for a creepy little tale including a lot of the worst of human nature. Might park it for a while as everyone tells me horror is not all that popular.


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