The World

I am a great fan of the European Union. Not the most popular of phrases for me to utter I know but it's true.

Okay I do not give it a free pass to do whatever it wants. I believe there is much about it that needs to be resolved and changed. The present migrant crisis is showing the disunity that still exists between the member states. But I like the idea of friendly nations working with each other.

For purely pragmatic reasons it is important. Up until the formation of the original European and Coal Community, most of Europe had been at war with most of the rest of Europe for centuries on and off. With technology getting more and more advanced this needed to change. And fortunately it did. Now disputes can be settled across a negotiation table. Anyway - that's the boring bit.

I like the European Union because I like people, and I like the regional differences you find when you visit. These differences are to be celebrated and cherished. I want to visit every corner of this world if I can before these differences disappear under Golden Arches. (And no, I am not blaming McDonald's for killing culture. It's just a metaphor about globalisation.)

So - onto the point. I got to thinking (procrastinating more like) when I just checked the demographics on this blog. A new country has popped up into the audience - Portugal. Fantastic. I enjoy this border crossing contacts, electronic or otherwise.

It's not a country I have been too although I do desperately want to. Maybe it will happen in the future. That's all money dependent. I'm not paid as well as I was in my previous job so I am having to consider such things a little more than I used to. Not a call for pity - BTW. I am just stating facts. I have to be more sensible now.

Still in about eight years I should be mortgage free so there will be time for all that later...

Now I should get back to my writing


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