The Netherlands

I just got curious about the page view stats on my blog. I noticed that a new country just appeared in the list - the Netherlands. That made me smile.

I love the Netherlands. I've been there many times on holidays - yes I know it's not the typical choice. But trust me you should go. They are a wonderfully friendly people. And the country is beautiful. I dare anyone to go to Dordrecht and not find it a wonderful city.

I was last over in the Netherlands in May/June and had a wonderful time. We all did. We stayed in a small town called Oosterhout, or rather just outside. The cottage we hired was perfect. It was surrounded by farmland but no more than a kilometre to walk into the town centre where there were plenty of bars and restaurants. Idyllic.

And it is ideally suited to visit many wonderful cities - to be honest most places in Holland are. It's not a big country.

Anyway we went to Dordrecht, Utrecht, Middelburg, Goes, Delft, Leiden, den Haag / The Hague, 's-Hertogenbosch, Tilburg and a few more besides.

Next year one of our holiday options is to base ourselves somewhere around Zwolle and explore further north. I might get outvoted though. My wife likes the thought of driving to Liechtenstein.

Anyway, I'm distracting myself. Back to writing


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