Writing progress Saturday 5th September

My wife is out tonight playing a gig in Wales. As a result I am all alone for the next few hours. I am intending to use the time to make a decent go at the fantasy novel The Patternmaker's Daughter.

A little over a week ago I start this novel - before putting it aside to finish the weird novella. As a result I start tonight with one chapter written (which my wife has read and enjoyed - but she might be biased).

Before clicking a single key in its direction there are 2,378 words. I can't say I am likely to write too much of this. I am finding it hard to get into the head of this character - possibly because at no point in my life have I been a thirteen year old girl. But if I can get it to 5,000 words I'll take that.

Just going to change the CD playing (was Blues Traveller, now Primal Scream) and I'll get going. Maybe I should have picked something folksy to get me in the fantasy mood. Nah! I'll stick with Primal Scream for a bit

Will post updates as they happen

Update 21:27 - 3,411 words.

This story is definitely not as easy to write as the sf novel or Ben Williamson stories. I am having to work a lot harder at this. Hopefully it will work out as I like the idea of the story I've created. If I can tell it I think it could appeal to people - well okay, I think it could appeal to my wife. I write for her after all.

I'm going to take a short break as my neck is complaining about being hunched over a keyboard on a Saturday night. Think I might sort out a few more books (reorganising my library a little).

Update 22:47 - 4,538 words.

Time for another stretch. The story is going okay still very much in the set up phase. Once this chapter is done though it'll be time to start to get the story going. I think I'll have allowed enough time with the lead character to have something actually happen.

I think I'll be going a little mainstream music-wise with the writing of this story. I found that with the sf novel. I needed the familiar, the comfortable and the non-challenging. Some of the out there jazz in my collection will be staying unplayed until this is done.

Right now I've opted for some 1970s Billy Joel. I will defend my liking of this man's music (up to Innocent Man). Listen to Piano Man or Scenes from an Italian Restaurant or New York State of Mind. Anyway - stretch time

Final update 23:48 - The second chapter is finished. The word count is now 5,264.

I am done with writing for the night - at least for the keyboard part. I am going to go mull over what happens next. The action is about to start and I want to make sure I get it as right as I can.

More tomorrow.


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