Iron Maiden and Soul Music

Those topics might not seem connected and there's a good reason. They aren't; other than temporally - as in they both featured heavily in my life this evening.

The new Iron Maiden album is out and I bought a copy this evening. It's playing as I type these words. On one listen through I can say it's not bad. Doesn't have the kind of scream-along choruses of years gone by, but still very enjoyable. My foot has been tapping since it started.

Now I just need Dream Theater to release their next and I'll be happy. Oh, and then a new Transatlantic, Flying Colors, Flower Kings, Neal Morse - I could go on. I might have to fill in some of the gaps in my Frank Zappa collection too.

Right - onto Soul Music. My wife plays Saxophone in a Jazz/Swing band. She's just got the opportunity to play as a dep in a Soul Band this coming Saturday in Skegness (at a wedding I think). So I am going to have a fair amount of time this coming weekend to do some serious writing.

I'd better set myself a target word count. I think I'd like to get the Patternmaker's Daughter to 25,000 words.

Hmmh - the Iron Maiden album has go to the track Shadows of the Valley. The intro sounds a lot like Wasted Years. It soon changes but that start is a bit close.


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