Tuesday initial writing start

I'm going to try to start a number of writing sessions with a submission. After all there's no point writing if no one is going to read it and without submitting it all that is left is self publishing, which I do not want to do. I set myself the challenge of getting published the old fashioned way so I am going to stick at it

Anyway tonight I came across Dark Quest Books so I have sent in a request to them for the weird novella The Intersection. Their website does say shorter pieces have more of a chance so you never know.

Moving onto the YA Fantasy. I am trying to write the chapter after a big battle thing. Its always going to be a comedown no matter what I do but it has to be done. Trying a kind of self referential approach to it - with a touch of symmetry tossed in for good measure.

Anyway it's pick a good album - The Alarm's Strength - and start tapping away at the keyboard time.


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