The Weekend (other than writing)

Apparently you can do more at the weekend than write. Someone told me it was true. Well, being honest I did do a few other things.

Friday there was the start of the rugby world cup. I am a lifelong fan of rugby - even managed to play a little of it in my youth although I was never that good I will admit. England beat Fiji, even managing to get a bonus point fourth try, but it wasn't exactly convincing. They will need to play better to progress. Otherwise it will be Australia and Wales that will progress from group one. And I am enough of a sports fan to happily support Wales should this happen. Home nations should stick together after all. I would rather have a northern hemisphere winner.

Staying with rugby - Japan did the impossible. They beat South Africa. I thin I cheered more for them than I did the night before for England. I guess the English do always like to see the underdog do well.

Doctor Who is back. Yay! Although I am a little worried to hear the viewing figures were down. Every time that happens to a show I like I fear the network will cancel. So BBC - hold your faith. We want more Doctor Who. Especially when it was as good as that episode was. The Doctor, My Axeman.

Saturday nights are reserved for family film night. This weekend it had to be Avengers: Age of Ultron. The plot is one of the most predictable (even for a superhero movie) I have seen in a goodly long time; but it didn't matter one jot. I didn't care I just wanted "Hulk smash Giant Killer Robot". What's not to love.

Today - well we finished watching the season 8 DVD set of Big Bang Theory. I love this show. And I am so glad it's become such a hit. I know a lot of people like having their secret love - people do get a thrill when they find something a little underground - known to just a select few. It can give a buzz to think you are one of the few in the know.

But in TV terms that is a problem. Shows that do not attract a big audience get cancelled. So when I like something I am happy when it goes massive. As long as it doesn't change the show (like, say the way the X-Files went).

This coming season I am going to try to watch as it's broadcast rather than wait for the DVDs. I have done that the previous 2 years as it always clashed but this catch up TV should mean that's a thing of the past.

Other than that the only writing free moments (that weren't eating meals) involved watching an episode of Castle and last week's Mock the Week. Oh, and the bits of Bill Maher on YouTube rom Friday's show. I like this guy's sense of humour and a good deal of his politics. He does occasionally go off a bit for me but most of the time he's just plain funny.

Unfortunately the weekend is just about done so I am just getting the last things ready to go back to work sorted. 


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