End of Wednesday Update

Chapter 12 is done. Word count for the book up to 46,433 with 1,743 being added tonight. Not too bad. About the same as last night too.

I'm done for the day. Just time to type some more inanity into my blog.

I never thought I would be the type to keep a blog. I don't tend to have much of a web presence when I'm not writing - well, maybe apart from ebay and Amazon. I do like collecting things. But I am actually getting to like doing it - the blogging; I've always enjoyed the collecting.

I have a completely free evening tomorrow night too so am hoping for another 2K words. And then most of the weekend as my wife is musicking a lot. She has a show to get ready for so is wanting peace and quiet (well as quiet as you can get playing a saxophone)

So I will be tapping away, hoping to get as close to 60K as I can. And I really hope I am not jinxing that as badly as I did last weekend.

Just have to try to keep follow my wife's advice. Make happy your default setting. It's confuses the hell out of people; and often worries them.


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