Writer's Log - Sunday 20th September

I'm under orders today to write. The reasons are twofold. Firstly my wife read yesterday's efforts and wants to see what happens next. And secondly she has to do some arranging today. She's doing a concert next month and has to arrange one of the pieces for it today. They are rehearsing on Tuesday and this is her only chance to get it done.

Yeah, I'm with you. I think that the second reason is probably the main one but I'm trying to kid myself that the first has weight too.

Anyway, the book finished last night on 31,729 words. That's my starting point. Let's see how well it goes today.

Oh - first music choice of the day is Dream Theater's Scenes from a Memory. One of my favourite albums of all time.12:18 - first section done. Word count is up to 32,258. That chaplet was a word under 500. Under half an hour into it today. Yeah, I know - late start. I had an update I had to do for my day job first.

The Dream Theater is doing its job well. Foot it tapping and the fingers are going fast.

When I started writing the next section of the book I realised it wasn't a new section - just a continuation of the previous short section. Revisited that last section, added the new text into it and now it reads so much better. That section now totals 721 words, and I've moved onto the next section proper. Will give a total word count when this one is done.

Current music - Dream Theater's self titled album

Another section in the bag. This one was 688 words in length. The whole book now totals 33,217 words. Or 1,500 or so on the day so far. Not bad but the later start today means catching up to yesterdays finishing total will take work.

And before anyone comments (if anyone ever comments) that quantity is nothing without quality, I am very much aware of that. I'll find out more about the quality side once I've finished draft one; read it back; revised it' read it again and sent it off to my test readers.

Now for a short break and then it will be...

One more writing session, one more section of chapter eight done and dusted. Total word count now up to 33,716. I think I've come to the conclusion that today will not be as big a day in writing terms as yesterday. It always was a hard act to follow. Two thousand words so far is still a pretty good effort. Will try for more in a little while.

In the meantime, I now have a Facebook page for my writing. Al I have to do now is figure out what to do with it.

You can find it at


how's that for a snappy URL?

17:50 Update
The afternoon has seen little writing occur. Partly cause by the facebook page listed above but mostly by me. I know where I need to get chapter eight too but getting it there wasn't working. So the section I was working on was abandoned and I walked away for a while and spoke with a friend on the phone. (He's probably going to read this at some point so I'd better be nice about him.)

Discussed writing with him - not the plot just the doing. He's read the two novels I'm sending round agents and is one of the people who wants book 2 of the sf story. Nice to know I'm not the only one hoping I get a chance to write it. I've warned him there's another book likely to be coming his way in three weeks or so - providing I get it back on track.

Anyway - after having deleted the attempt at the next section and rejigged the previous one a little, it's now on 33,845 and so I'm getting on with it

19:03 - Chapter eight is done. The novel is moving on now. Word count up to 35,076. Or 3,400 for the day.

Given that part of the day was dedicated to setting up and adding some content to the Edmund Lester Facebook page, and another part talking business to a friend that's not too bad. And I got it passed the sticky bit too. Win, win in my book.

Might be more later but I doubt it.


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