Saturday update

Well okay - no more writing has actually happened on the YA fantasy novel but there is a good reason - or rather two.

It's a nice day is the first of them. Anyone who knows England knows that an actual nice day, 20C and dry, at the end of September is not all that common - especially on a Saturday. So you have to make the most of it.

Anyway we went out found two book sales and came back with a boot/trunk full of books. Well when they were that cheap who wouldn't. now most of these were thrillers that we instantly put in front of my in-laws. They picked a good bunch and the rest will be going into work with me on Monday. the company I work at has an area where people (mainly me) put books on a have what you want basis.

Id do have some sffh books - if I get time I'll detail later.

Then once I did get back to the keyboard I thought I'd better chase down a lead on submitting my horror novel. So I've formatted it, wrote a new synopsis and have sent it in to Permuted Press. It's fingers crossed time.

Now I'm going to go stretch these aching bones and muscles a little and then maybe write another chaplet

...and that chaplet is done. 731 words added. Novel now at 41,000 words - oddly exactly that.

Tonight is mostly going to be dominated by Doctor Who and a certain rugby match - go England.


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