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I've been reading science fiction, fantasy and horror since the mid 70s. In that time I've read an awful lot of really, really good novels and short fiction. I've also read a lot of bad but that's a different story and one I try to leave behind. However I thought I might periodically recommend an author that's general good. And I'm starting with Clifford D. Simak.

Simak was an American born early in the 20th Century who was first published in the 1930s and continued writing until his death in 1988.

He wrote many wonderful novels like Way Station (featuring a man looking after a staging post on an interstellar transport route), The Werewolf Principle (a sf take on werewolves - the main werewolf is an astronaut) and The Goblin Reservation (time travel).

But it is the book City that I believe every sf fan should read. City is a set of linked stories telling a whole. In the far future mankind abandons the cities to the (scientifically enhanced) dogs. They soon forget about Man to the point the stories are seen as myths.

It's a fabulous book. Go, find a copy and read it.


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