Writing Update (ongoing) - Saturday 12th September

Well as stated in my previous post I had an idea for how to start another Ben Williamson story. I'd had the basic plot sorted a couple of weeks back but no idea of how to start it. Well on the way back from Coalville and the Saturday book trawl I had it.

And there went any chance of getting straight back on with the Patternmaker's Daughter.

Well an hour and a half or so after sitting down I have 2,204 words of 'I Had To, Don't You See', the third Ben Williamson novella written. No I am going to take a short break and I hope to be back in Redgrove (the town where PMD is set) when I get back to the keyboard.

BTW - I had some new music playing as I was writing. I played a live concert by Italian prog band  Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM for short) and then the Night album by Gazpacho - another prog band or art rock - whatever you want to label them. I just like them so I'm not too worried by the label.

Update 2 - I took a bit of a break, ate dinner and watched a little College Football on ESPN. Before you ask, yes I am English. I just happen to like some North American sports. I'm still a mad cricket and rugby fan - I just also like American Football and Baseball. I quite like Ice Hockey and Lacrosse too. Although I really cannot stand Basketball. I'm sure it's great to watch, just not me.

Anyway, got back to writing and actually managed to open the file for The Patternmaker's Daughter. Tonight it started at 15,948 words. I have now completed chapter 5 and the word count is up to 17,742. Not a bad little writing burst. All in this afternoon and evening I am little over four thousand words in. Just split over a couple of stories.

Going to recharge for a few minutes - stretch out these aching shoulders and write more later.

One more section done - the first of chapter 6. Book now stands at 18,434. This chapter is going to be less action focussed than the previous one but hopefully no less intense. Will find out what my wife thinks at some point tomorrow. Break time...

Update 3 - Another section done - a little shorter this time. Word count up to 18,853. Now for the main part of this chapter. When this one is done the first part of the book is over and the action will move on.

Update 4 - PMD is in full swing. Not even thinking of the 3rd weird novella. Well okay, I am thinking about it but I keep resisting the urge to swap files. The start of the courtroom scene in the fantasy novel is done. Word count at 19,540. 700 words or so in that section.

Update 5 - 12:23. I think I have given up on any chance of going to a car boot in the morning. I bought enough books today to not worry about that, even if there aren't many more times when I will have the chance to go. Writing tonight went well so I wasn't going to curtail it.

Anyway the book now stands at 20,716 words. Chapter six is done. Nearly five thousand words in PMD today. Over two thousand on the novella. Busy, busy, busy.

Not sure if I will write any more tonight.


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