Friday evening update

I know I said I wasn't going to tempt fate again but I figured I am sufficiently into a batch of writing that I could stop (while I let my brain mull over the next sentence) and start an update.

I am writing. It will not be a lengthy session this evening. I'm just doing a little while my wife catches up on Great British Menu. I'm 328 words into this section and mainly just talking about rain. As I live in England it's a subject I feel I am something of an expert on. Not in the same range as the Scots with snow - I read this week they have 421 for snow. Now that's determination to find something to talk about. I knew I liked the Scots for a reason.

Anyway will add a final word count when I have it - need to do the writing thing.

Last update of a very short writing evening.

The section is complete. 904 words added. Total word count for the Patternmaker's Daughter is now 38,766.

More over the weekend. My aim for the end of the weekend was 50K. But that had included about 4,000 last night which never happened. So maybe I should scale the hope back a bit. I do want to enjoy something of the weekend.


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