Sunday writing progress

Relatively early start to the day. I didn't get up early enough to think of a car boot sale. No great loss - the ground didn't look all that dry yesterday.

Anyway I am going to work on the YA fantasy today. I left the story yesterday with two chapters written and  5,264 words on the page.

Let's see how it goes today.
Okay - initial update. First part of chapter three written - word count up to 5,811 words. Short break time

Second update 10:59. Second part of chapter three done. Word count now 6,458 words. These short sections seem to suit the mood of this book. Problem is they seem to take me as long as a 1,500 words section of The Intersection did. Hope that means it's more than twice as good. Anyway, over a thousand words added by 11am Not too bad.

Third update 11:36. Another chaplet done. Word count no at 7,004. Going to take a break

Fourth update 12:35 - Chapter three is probably two thirds done. The word count is up to 7,724 and the next section will include a big beastie. Once I've wandered around for a bit first though. And maybe had breakfast.

Update 13:18 - Word count is now 8,551. Time to eat. Although I can't really call it breakfast anymore. Lunch

Not a bad morning. Over three thousand words added.

Update 16:36 - Chapter three is done. Word count 9,989. Now to convert it to a pdf and pop in to let my wife read it.


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