Writing, writing, writing

Tuesday evening is a good time to write. My wife is out rehearsing for the concert she's playing in second week of October, so I am all alone. And as I'm not the biggest fan of TV there aren;t that many distractions.

Okay, maybe there are the 16,000 books in my library - they are good distractions. And there are a few movies I have on DVD I've yet to see but other than that..

And before you think I might be about to mention some recent Driving game or First Person Shooter, they are never going to prove a distraction. I am not a game player. I do not own a games console, I do not have any games on my PC or smart phone. It's just not part of my DNA. I did used to play Dungeons and Dragons and other such games many years ago (with dice and character sheets, not on computers) but that's long behind.

So being alone in the house means I am likely to get some serious writing done. and so it has been tonight. Well as much as the time allows anyway.

The first bit of the evening writing didn't actually serve to add to the word count. It was me and my notebook. I jotted down where the next chapter (the one after the currently being written) as some thoughts had occurred to me.

This done I started writing. Two more sections of chapter 10 are done. Another new character introduced and the action has moved to a new city. The end result is the book now stands at 37,116 words. 1500 for the night. Not bad


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