Tuesday writing progress - September 8th

The Patternmaker's Daughter now stands at 11,200 words - 750 ish added so far this evening.

I did think about concentrating on revising A Parallel Life, the first Ben Williamson weird novella I wrote. It deserves to be polished and I have a potential home for it in mind (for the submission anyway, I'm not so presumptuous to think they will accept it).

But before started I had an idea for how I could start the next chaplet of PMD, and as it was a bit of a tricky one mood wise I thought it best to give it a go before lost the incentive/impetus/will/determination/avocado (one of those words is probably right).

Well that chaplet is done and I think, barring a few revisions I'm sure later, good to go. Now can move it on to where need chapter five to start. The end of chapter five will see the first act of the book done and the plot move on both geographically and fantasy content wise.

Just going for a short break - give the neck a rest - and then I'll try to do the next one.


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