What is wrong with me?

I am about 20% into writing the first draft of a young adult fantasy novel. I think it is going well. My wife likes it, likes the lead character, and wants to find out what's going to happen to her. I'm in the house on my own as she has a gig tonight in Skegness (a wedding) so had already left and won't be back until later.

I've done my mad buying session for the day - have five carrier bags of books behind where I sit for later blogging about and sorting into the collection or swaps piles. I have much good music to listen to, enough liquid (mineral water* and pepsi max) and everything is good to go on me writing the fantasy story.

So what do I do. On the drive home from my mad book buying spree I get the idea for how to start one of the other Ben Williamson stories that I've had mashing around my brain. And it won't let me go. so I am writing that. AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! I think I must be mad. I will get to the fantasy novel, just a bit later.

*yes, I am one of the idiots who buys mineral water in bottles rather than just use a water filter. I persuade myself that I prefer the taste.


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