Monday Writing Update

I don't have much time for writing tonight. Unfortunately a number of mundane tasks are getting in the way - shopping for instance.

The Patternmaker's Daughter did get a brief addition. I have made the changes based on my wife's read through last night and I've written the first section of chapter 4. The word count now stands at 10,447 words. This chapter though is going to be a tricky one. I might have to do a bit more thinking than usual.

Thanks to the rather delightful Paranormal Fiction Author K.J. McPike (go to her website at I now have a lead on another market to submit my stuff to. I think I'm going to send in the first Ben Williamson novella. That does kind of mean I have to finish revising it. That gives me the impetus to do it though. Which is another reason for not much writing tonight. I'm going to head straight off to do the read through.

No news on any of the current submissions though. Still better than a rejection I guess

And with regards the future. I was watching a TV programme last night after finishing chapter 3 of PMD and it was a little boring. I'm not going to say what the prog was, but I am grateful that it did not hold my attention. My mind wandered a little, mashed together about four or five different ideas and I have the plot of a sf detective novel in the notepad. Now I will need to get PMD finished quickly so I can get started on this one.

Can't say I know whether I will ever see any of these published, but whilst they keep popping into my head I am going to try to keep going. It could be a lot worse. Knowing you have a publisher wanting to publish your work but not having an idea worth writing would be worse I feel.  I do at least have the fun of seeing the word count grow and the story unfold. And my test readers seem to like the stories...


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