Wednesday didn't happen -- the perils of modern life

Today doesn't seem like a day that writing was ever destined to happen.

Okay I have a day job I have to do - that's a given. Fortunately it's one I enjoy. People are pretty friendly, job is interesting enough and it's not too far to drive. I'm not one of these people that enjoy driving an hour or more to work. Twenty minutes is fine.

So the work day was done but then there was the shopping need. Head over to two stores to get the stuff I need (including dinner, too late to cook by then). And so we get back at nearly 8pm. Sit down to eat and then relax a little and it's past nine before I even switch on my home PC.

Than there's the list of emails to go through, some of which weren't spam.

I log onto Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Wattpad - not frivolously I assure you. All to do the things that will hopefully increase the awareness of my writing self.

I get through them all and it's coming up to 10pm. Given how tired I am it's not a good time to start writing. Given the average section of the novel (c. 600 words) take me an hour once I get going I don't think I can commit enough time.

So I have submitted my science fiction novel to another potential agent. I have some hopes. This lady read and enjoyed my horror novel earlier in the year but told me that horror was not an easy sell at the moment. Hopefully I will have better luck with the science fiction story. My wife, and my friendly readers, thought it was better than the horror so there's a chance.

Also it was the first submission since I sold the dark sf short story "A Day like Any Other" to the Literary Hatchet so it was cool to be able to mention a recent sale. I mentioned the half completed fantasy novel too and the darkly weird novellas.

Her turnaround time is four weeks so now it's time to wait. Fingers crossed. Ok, maybe not. My fingers won't actually cross. They go up and down easily enough but sideways movement doesn't happen. I'm just not the most dextrous of people. But then I can type pretty well so I am not going to complain.

Now it's 22:11 so I definitely not writing tonight. I might go and revise the first Ben Williamson novella a little more. That's something I should definitely finish

The Intersection was at the 3 week turnaround time of Dark Hall Press so guess that's a no. Have sent it in to Nouvella. They allow simultaneous subs so I will look for other markets tomorrow.


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