Thursday, 24 September 2015


My planned evening of writing uninterrupted didn't happen

Two friends needed to talk. One for a depressing reason, one for a very cool reason

First is facing a risk to his job. His employer is downsizing and he is in the pool they will cut from. I have my fingers crossed for him.

The second was a joyous one. His 11 year old son is a veracious reader and has started to write a science fiction story. Proud dad wanted to chat with me as I am the only person he knows who has written fiction that's been published. Nice of him to think that way - I have only sold a few short stories (couple of dozen or so).

Anyway after a cool conversation with him in an upbeat mood I am left with little time. Not complaining - it is always good to talk to people.

Well I made the most of the time I did have and have added another section to the YA Fantasy novel. It now stands at 37,862 words.

More will happen over the weekend. Stopping now

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