Wednesday 9th

We have a day off work today. The initial plan was to spend a relaxing afternoon together. The reality is different. It always is somehow. But this time it is for a good reason.

My wife plays saxophone and clarinet in a jazz/swing band. Recently she heard of a soul band that needed a saxophone dep for this coming Saturday. Now she knows a lot of soul. Who can have lived through the past four decades without hearing a lot of Soul music? But she has never played any.

So she is spending the day today (as well as tomorrow and Friday evenings and all of Saturday before she has to set off for the gig) preparing for it.

A shame in some ways - I do like spending time with her but I know how important music is to her. So I am in my office for a wholly unexpected writing session.

So far I've edited the previous chaplet a little and added another. The word count at 13:56 is now 11,628.

15:32 - Short break over - writing recommenced. The chapter is progressing okayish. I think it will probably need to be revised heavily once I've finished but I need to get passed it so I can write the more fun parts (for me anyway - hopefully it will all be okay to anyone reading it).

Anyway the word count now stands at 12,332. I think there are possible another two chaplets and chapter 4 will be done. Quick change of music and another few minutes or re-arranging the books in my library and I'll be writing again.

16:38. Chapter 4 is complete. The word count is now at 13,031 words. Time to sort out the Terry Pratchett books.

20:09 - After time off for food (including the annoying bit of having to cook it) and watching a little TV with my wife, Chapter five is well underway. The first section of it is done and my word count is up to 13,672.

Not the freest day for writing I've had - especially given I had the day off work. But it has seen 2,400 words added. And I am determined to get this over 3,000 for the day. After a little break that is.

21:33 - another chaplet done. Chapter five now 1,277 words long and the book as a whole is up to 14,315. I'm over three thousand on the day. Not too bad. Hope I have it in me to do one more section.

22:18 - getting towards the crux of chapter 5. But time has gotten away from me for the night. Word count is up to 15,326. My hopes of three thousand for the day are surpassed. 4,200 today. 12,000 words since Saturday. Not a bad effort.

More tomorrow.


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