Writing Feedback Update

Another agency emailed back today and it's another rejection for the horror novel. Email had the usual non committal but friendly text - market is tough etc.

I've kind of been feeling negative about it all in the last couple of days. I'm spending a lot of time at the keyboard and I fear missing out on life a bit. Okay, friends (such that I have any) might say I never totally joined in with the idea of a life before but...

I am trying to remain upbeat but it's not in my personality to do so. It's a bit of an effort at times.

My wife is being wonderful (as always). She keeps telling me good things about the stories (and yes I get the bias that might exist) and she is desperate to read what happens to Elspeth - the lead character in my fantasy novel.

(Now before anyone says anything about the name Elspeth, I have always liked it.)

I have been reading science fiction, fantasy and horror for nearly four decades. I'm THAT old. I have read hundreds, if not thousands, of novels in that time. I love old school SF in particular - Asimov, Simak, Heinlein, Clarke, Henry Kuttner, Eric Frank Russell and of course the two writers I may have created my pen name to pay homage to - Edmund Cooper and Lester del Rey.

I have shelves full of their books and still would like to have a book somewhere in my library with my (pen) name on the spine, and I want to do it the way they did - through traditional publishers. I have nothing against self publishing. A lot of top novelist start this way. But I want to go old school on it.

So all I have to do is develop more staying power and keep going...


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