Got over my funk

My woes of yesterday writing wise seem to be definitely behind me.

I decided the best thing to do about the chaplet that was blocking me was to just leave it. By the end of yesterday I had written one chaplet and I didn't like it - even after about eight attempts to fix it.

So tonight I left it alone. I'll sort it when I revise the story. I went straight to the next bit - a nice action sequence.

So the result is that the book now stands at 43,311 words. Tonight I have added to chaplets, finishing chapter 11.

The two chaplet totalled 1,767 words. Not bad for a school night.

And I submitted Against the Fall of Empire to another agency as well. This time it's off to Sheil Land. you never know, one of these might work.

And when I've finished the YA fantasy the subs will all start again. I have a list of agencies that like YA books.

Giving the latest Iron Maiden album another listen. Not bad. Still going to say the 80s albums are my favourites but I will listen to this again - and, if they release another after it, I will be buying it


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