Prog Rock Chart

There's a prog rock chart. I can't say it raised more than a casual interest in me, even though I'm a mad prog fan. I hadn't even particularly noticed the lack of one.

There's a news story on the BBC site about it at

Tame Impala have the honour of being the number one on the first ever chart. Not a band I've liked all that much. The vocals just don't do it for me. I do own three of the albums on the chart (Roger Waters, Symphony X and Pink Floyd) and I've been considering buying the Muse album.

Prog is an odd music form. A lot of people hate it. And a lot of prog fans are MAD prog fans. I might look as though I come close to being a MAD fan. I do have a lot of prog albums but there are some things that I know I disagree with  a good deal of my fellow fans that might ban me from MADness.

I happen to like the Yes albums that go a bit mainstream - like 90125 and Big Generator. I was probably the right age when they came out. And I'm listening to It Bites as I'm typing (Once around the World). Definitely showing my age. If I said I like Marillion too I guess I am really telling you when I was a teenager.

Anyway I like the music I like and that's that. Now where are my gong CDs?


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