Keeping it familiar - one challenge at a time

Earlier today I went into Ashby and found a bunch of CDs. Most of them were from bands I'm vaguely aware of and know I kind of like but am not hugely familiar with. I'm talking about acts like Elbow, Incredible String Band, the Dead Weather and Maximo Park.

Now I like new music. I'm always on the lookout for it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding something new that is amazing - even more so if I find I'd missed them all these years and there are lots of albums to catch up on. It's happened a few times over the years. I never found Tom Waits until I was in my thirties. Frank Zappa about the same time.

But when I'm writing I'm finding listening to new music is one challenge too far. I need something familiar in the CD player. So I've put all the new ones aside for now. I'll play them when I'm searching for places to submit my fiction to. For now I am writing and I want something I know well.

So I've popped the best of Grand Funk Railroad into the Cd player and I'm heading back the novel.


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