Writing Update - Thursday 3rd September

Tonight I finished the revision of the weird novella The Intersection. The final length was 30,600 words (give or take). I have just submitted it to Dark Hall Press. They like exclusivity so that's it for the novella for the next three weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I got another reply from an agent about Against the Fall of Empire today - from Andrew Lownie. Friendly little email and not a bad turn around time. One month and two days since submission. You can't complain about that.

Going to have to spend some more time soon looking for other places to submit - probably concentrating on Mr. Stinky, the horror novel I've started to serialise on Wattpad.

It's had five reads on Wattpad although no one yet has commented or emailed. Not sure it's all that easy to find. Might have to put some work in to researching how to generate traffic to the story - and this blog I guess.

The next Ben Williamson story (if I write it) is looking like it could be a good one. I think I am going to hold off though until I get someone interested in the first two. Although I do have this idea of grouping three stories together into one book. (Wishful thinking I know.) The two existing stories (both impossible) feature the same lead guy and both start and end on the same dates in the same world. The two or three ideas I have for more Ben stories would also fit this. Could be an interesting set - even if I say so myself.


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