Saturday update

This is determination. It is 9:18 on a Saturday morning and I'm at the keyboard. In fact I have already written the next section of Patternmaker's Daughter. Yay! Go me!

I started this morning with the novel standing at 25,876 words. One quick type later and it's upped a little to 26,447. 601 words added.

BTW = if you fancy reading any of my scribblings, the first 8 chaplets of my horror novel Mr. Stinky are available on Wattpad
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10:10 - second update. Another section is added, a short one this time. The books is now 26,946 words long. That section was only 469 words but they were useful - the book is moving.

I've been listening to Maddy Prior's album Lionhearts as I type. Every time I listen to one of her albums I realise just how much I like her voice. I've fished out Ravenchild for the next writing session.

11:22 - Third update. Another section is in the bag. Word count is up to 27,648. That section lasted a little over seven hundred words. Time to reach for another Maddy Prior album.

12:31 - Fourth update. Word count now at 28,202. The Maddy Prior phase ended after three albums. I noticed a Rolling Stones compilation album, Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass). It's playing as I type this.

14:55 - Fifth (and first post lunch) update. Word count is now 29, 039. Things are about to get going again. Transition is just about done.

Music for this section is Bruce Springsteen - many thanks to Brian Keene for reminding me (in a tweet, I'm not claiming to know him) just how good the Nebraska album is.

16:09 - Chapter eight is now done. Bruce Springsteen is good. It took Nebraska and the first disk of Live 1975-85 but I got to the end of the chapter. Word count is now at 29,654 and I've just introduced the character who will be pivotal to the next part in my lead character's story.

The next portion of writing will be brought to you by Spock's Beard's Snow album - and maybe Neal More's Momentum afterwards. Who knows.

16:47 - Just wrote the first section of chapter nine only to realise it belonged in Chapter eight. That chapter just grew longer by nearly700 words. Total word count now at 30,336

17:42 - The first section if chapter nine (that remains in chapter nine anyway) is done - 630 words long. Total length of the novel is now 30,965 words. Over 5,000 for the day. I think I might get enough time for one more section before the evening begins. I'm keen on spending at least some time with my family today.

18:15 - That's me done for the day. The second section of chapter nine is now complete. In total the book stands at 31,729 words. Or just shy of 6K today. Yay - go me.

Now it's time to eat, and then it won't be long until Doctor Who starts its new series. And then it will be time for the Saturday night family film - this week will be Avengers: Age of Ultron.

More abuse of keyboard will follow tomorrow.


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