80s inspired (includes writing update)

Today was not as productive writing wise as other days this week. Mainly due to the morning off I mentioned earlier. It was worth it though. I'm not going to allow myself to get so far behind with the Flash again. I will either keep up to date (-ish) or just stop watching it.

So this evening I did a bit more writing and brought the final total for the novel today up to 18,289. Which means it's longer by some 3.2K words. Will make an effort to at least match Monday's 4K tomorrow. Be a tough ask as I have kind of confirmed I'll be watching some Scandinavian drama tomorrow evening. But I can try.

Also have another potential brake on the progress of this SF Space Opera Murder Mystery Whodunnit. I had a phone call with my main test reader this evening. He'd been threatened with redundancy of late and it was looking a little dicey but fortunately he's had a couple of job offers from other companies so he's a little happier.

So cue one meandering science fiction/fantasy flavoured conversation and the result is I might have to revise the YA fantasy novel as he likes the sound of it and wants to give it a read. Which means at the very least I will have to tidy up the grammar and add in those two extra scenes I have in mind to make it flow a little better.

Music today has been a little contrasting. The main writing sessions were accompanied by some seriously top quality prog rock with bands like Rush, Jethro Tull and sine serious hard rock from Black Label Society. And then this evening I've been working my way through a 80s cheesy pop compilation triple CD that my wife bought as a laugh. It's the Final Countdown. The Final Countdown.

Also has lots of great memories
 - Ghostbusters
 - Living in America
 - 99 Red Balloons
 - Down Under
 - Walk Like an Egyptian
 - Broken Wings
 - You're the Voice
 - The Way It Is
 - We Built this City

I do skip past about half of the tracks. My internal cheese filter only allows so much crap through but it's still been great fun. I'm sure tomorrow will see more of it filling my office with noise

Right final bits of the evening to wrap up. Twitter count up to 849. Maybe hit the thousand this week? (tomorrow? fingers crossed)



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