Saturday eclectic

I woke up this morning (I mean totally woke up) at 7am. On a Saturday - and the first Saturday of my week off. My brain wouldn't let me sleep in. It does that a lot these days. It seems to go - you've had enough. There's a whole day waiting for you. One of the joys of getting older I guess.

Today though it came with a bonus - or maybe curse. Today it had another story setting, characters and plot bouncing around. And the more my active mind saw of it the less the chance for sleep was going to get. So I got up and started writing. Well before my wife had joined in with the day I had more than a thousand words down on the page.

This might sound good in many ways except for there is only a week to go until NaNoWriMo and I had intended to spend that week doing more planning so I could really go for it for November. Ah well. I guess I'll jut go with it and see how it looks. I can always sketch the plot down and come back to it later. It really is a good idea (ok, my opinion) so I will revisit it should I put it aside for November.

Once the eating bit was out of the way we popped out into Ashby.. Quite a successful trip. My wife has a Christmas music booking out of it. She wanted to do a charity performance in town in the run up to Christmas and fortunately the café she favoured has agreed. So if you fancy some saxophone/clarinet Christmassy stuff with your coffee and you're somewhere near Ashby de la Zouch on the (checks date) 12th Dec have a look. But please go check out their website or google them - don't take my word for the date.

Whilst in town I did my usual book trawl. Not the most successful but I did find a couple

Robert Holdstock - Earthwind, Where the Time Winds Blow & In the Valley of the Status (omnibus)
The Lunar Society - a history of the group of scientists in Birmingham two centuries ago.

Also bought a few more vinyl albums and a copy of the film Heavy Metal. Well I had to.

Anyway back now, my wife is starting to rehearse her Christmas set so I am back writing. Here's hoping it goes well.


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