The weekend is done

As suspected earlier I didn't get back to writing. My brain was just a little too friend and I had to get stuff ready for work tomorrow. Weekends have this nasty habit of ending far too soon.

I'm not quite on schedule with the novel. I had hoped to be nearing 60K by the end of this weekend and I'm on 53,285. It's not terrible and it's certainly not the end of the world. I can't push myself too hard - especially when my body is trying to fight off a cold.

I will just keep plugging away. I will have a little bit of extra time this week in any case. My wife is playing another concert on Friday evening as well as being at rehearsal Tuesday and Thursday. That should hopefully give me time to tap out another few thousand words. I'm hoping too it will get easier now we are in action phase rather than the build up phase.

Although I may have to take a little bit of time out as I've come across another couple of places to submit the novels/novellas I have already completed.

Anyway - that's it - end of Sunday - I'll be at it more tomorrow.

Keep well


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