Twitter, Tuesday, tiredness and trying to write

My head is really not in it tonight. I've had a headache most of the day and am seriously tired. A big part of me was tempted to not even try writing today. But I remember reading somewhere about writers that they write through such times; just like I do for the day job. I don't stop my day job for a headache. I just take some pills and keep going. I don't stop when I'm not really in the mood. I don't have the option.

I guess the lesson is you have to treat writing exactly as you do working. It is work after all. So it's suck up and do it time.

Right onto another part of this blog's title - twitter.

I have a twitter account and I'm trying to increase my followers count. So if you want to hear any brief as they happen updates on my writing, or odd titbits and random weirdness - basically whatever comes out of my head - please go follow me. Just search for @ielester

Just noticed looking up the first part of this pretty much covered the tiredness and trying to write. Previous paragraph took care of twitter. So what about Tuesday. Hmmm, not much I can really say about it. It's just an arbitrary day - a box on your calendar. It has no great significance except that it helped the alliterativeness of this blog post. I shouldn't dwell on it anymore I guess. Especially as that would keep me from writing


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