Managed a little bit of collecting

I had to pop out - Saturday's being the only day we can get to places as we work in the week. Whilst there I found a little time and did a book hunt run. I didn't find all that much book wise but I did find some talking books. My wife listens to them when driving here, there and everywhere for work or for the various concerts and shows she plays. A few CDs were added too - mainly dupes of stuff I have to join the CDs I keep in the car to play when I'm driving.

Book wise I found four
The Illustrated Brothers Grimm
Orson Scott Card - Shadow Puppets
Philip K. Dick - Ubik - a really great 1970s cover
Philip K. Dick - Our Friends from Frolix 8 - same as above.

I already had the two PKD books but not in these covers. I am trying to find every single Panther/Granada/Grafton edition published. I love the covers.

The two PKD books also raised an odd thought. I found them in a charity book shop in the young adult section. Most of the science fiction they had was in this section and most of it was definitely not young adult friendly. The PKDs certainly are not. I had a word or two with the staff. Parents might buy their thirteen year old kiddies something from this shelf without even looking at it. Some of the themes they contained I would imagine those parents would want in front of their offspring.

Anyway four books in my collection now it's time to write something


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