Saturday writing, potential NaNoWriMo shot to hell - normal really

Today was a bit of a mixed bag. The novel didn;t seem to be working first thing today so I did a little bit of work to support the previous one. I wrote two synopses for it - one at 800 words or so and quite detailed; the other in under a page of A4 - agencies/publishers have different requirements.

I also started in on correcting grammar etc on it as the test reader wants to a copy. No way I'm handing it on unchecked and risking an incorrect they're, their, there. I would be mortified.

I even found another couple of agencies to send previous novels to - so there are two more submissions out there.

Then onto writing - it kind of clicked this afternoon and the sf-noir, as I think I now must declare it, grew from 24,741 to 27,437 words. Not quite the 3K I had hoped for but when you add in the 1,300 words or so of the two synopses I did kind of get there.

I did a bit more pre-planning on the YA SF that popped into my head the other day. The notebook will take a little bit more hammer over the next few days as the ideas coalesce. Then hopefully I will be able to finish the current one.

This leads me into NaNoWriMo thoughts. It starts tomorrow. So if I am going to stick with this I need to commit 50K words to paper over the next month. The only problem is I am not totally sure that the sf-noir has 50K left in it. It's starting to feel more like a long novella than a full length novel. mind you as it's a detective story I might just add in a second case and tell stories in one. That could see me through to the total without having to split it across two projects - or maybe three. It depends on which one grabs me.

I may have completely blown it if I was being serious about this. But at the heart of it all I need to is be true to the purpose of it. This is to get writers writing. I like to think of myself as a writer and having completed five novels and two novellas, plus who knows how many short stories, I think I qualify. So if I am writing then all is well, surely.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.


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