Saturday writing - post one

Okay I had to delete all of last night's writing. It was awful. I knew my mind hadn't been in it.

But I have made some amends this morning. I started the chaplet again and this time I think I got it right. I'll see for sure when I reread after the whole thing is done.

Anyway 799 words added this morning (which includes some of the chaplet after that) and am now up to 48,668. Going well. Will be doing much more today I hope.

Now all I have to do is keep away from my new distraction. I am a total geek - out and proud. I've been reading sffh for 40 years, watching it too. I listen to prog rock and I'm a science nerd.. I'm beyond hope. And I'm easily distracted.

That's why finding sites like Flickering Myth ( is a problem. Full of information about geekdom. And I can't easily escape now as I've followed their twitter feed so these little tempting messages keep popping up. Ah well - at least I get the teasers on the new Marvel/DC shows etc


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