Writing, writing, writing

I'm not doing too bad writing wise today. I know one thing; I have to revise my expectations when writing fantasy. I don't find it as easy as horror or science fiction. I don't look as much stuff up on the way with those other two.

Anyway I am now done with chapter 14. Another section of the book is over - we are moving into the final part. This is where book one comes to a head. Hopefully it should resolve a few issues whilst nicely setting up what is going to follow when I eventually get to Book 2 - if I ever do.

Beyond honest I am inly likely to write the second, third, and maybe fourth, if I manage to sell book 1. I will have the plots all detailed in the Patternmaker notebook - just as I have the plots for books two and three in the Against the Fall of Empire SF series. But I am in this writing lark to see a book published. If I spent the time writing a book 2 of a book 1 that was unsold I am hardly achieving my objective.

My logic (annoyingly) tells me that the best way to see a book in print is to give myself as much chance as I can - and that means (to me) having as many irons in the fire as possible. Hence the sf idea (again one which could become a series) that will be the next novel to be written.

I am going to finish this YA fantasy, polish it and send it out into the world. I will wave it goodbye and hope it finds its fortune (or rather, mine). And yes I am aware of how little authors get paid for their books. I am not expecting to become the next Stephen King or George R.R. Martin. My aims are a lot lower. I just want to hold a printed book I have written.

Of course I would then almost certainly want to hold a second, and a third etc. But let's start at square one. And that means getting back to writing.

Dream Theater's Scenes from a Memory is playing. My foot is tapping and I am writing chapter 15 as soon as I post this blog entry.

Current word count is 52,776. Now let's add to that.


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