Weekend writing

I started good and early this morning. I've been having a few ideas about another Ben Williamson weird novella and when I awoke this morning at about 6:30 I had pretty much the entire plot swimming around in my head.

Great you might think; except for the fact that I am 75K+ words into writing a YA fantasy and have kind of committed myself to writing a science fiction novel through November as part of MaNoWriMo. The problem was the novella was forcing its way into my brain and trying to oust the other two.

Well I've let it have it course somewhat. I grabbed by Ben Williamson notebook and scrawled down a few pages of notes, key scenes, basic plot and the like. Then once showered and ready to go I even wrote the first section of it - some 606 words.

Thankfully once I had done that it seemed content to calm down and let me get on with finishing the YA fantasy. Not sure it will be so obliging when I've finished that and want to get on with the space station story.

Anyway to the YA Fantasy. It started this morning on 75,838 words. So far (it's now midday) I am up to 77,290. A couple more sections have been added; the first of which ended Chapter 21. Now I have just started the second part of Chapter 22 and magic is getting close again. It is a fantasy after all; it has to have magic.

SO I am not going to dwell here. I am headed straight back to it.


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