More Thoughts, Scandi Drama, Blacklist, Bat-Whatever and some writing

The day before yesterday I ended the writing session on 22,507 words. I've mentioned before that yesterday was a washout writing wise. Today was better head wise but rather limited on time. not that I would trade the morning and lunch out with my wife for 100,000 words.

The writing this afternoon went well. I ended the session on 24,741 - so 2.2K in about three hours. And I sent off another submission to a US publisher for the Political SF novel Against the Fall of Empire.

This evening thought had been pre-booked for days. Although the exact content of it was up for discussion. It was a film/drama night with the family.

And after much discussion we opted for the first two episodes of Swedish drama Beck. It's kind of strange watching them. We've recently watched the final four episodes (from season 5) made last year. The first episodes were made all the way back in 1997 and the characters that are in the whole run look so young. I guess it is 17 years but wow! The most obvious of them is Mikael Persbrandt (you'll have seen him in the Hobbit movies - he played Beorn).

Well you can see how they improved the formula watching them in this order. The show started off well but the later eps were a lot slicker. It's just a pity getting hold of the episodes would cost me a fortune. The DVDs are listed on Amazon for silly money and it's not much less on ebay. I'll have to keep checking them out and see if they come down. We're saving the last of the three in the DVD set I had until tomorrow.

Other than that we watched the first episode of season 3 of the Blacklist. Now that is one show I like - crammed full of conspiracies and intrigue. In reality I'm not one given to conspiracy theories. I have this belief that if three people know a secret it's not likely to stay a secret for long. And so how some of the claimed conspiracies can be true when they require thousands to have pulled them off... Nah, I don't buy it.

Sorry if you are a Moon Hoaxer but I am going to be disagreeing with you on that one. I firmly believe we went.

Anyway Blacklist. Raymond Reddington is a wonderful creation. The way he slips from one scenario to the next always having a way out is just stunning. We were a little tempted to watch the second one too - but this is reserved for tomorrow.

Before all this started BTW - and through eating dinner/tea/supper (delete as you prefer to call the evening meal) we watched Supergirl. So now we have three DC superhero TV shows. One in Central City, one in Star City and now one in National City.

These fictional places are part of the reason I believe Marvel is better. Okay, Gotham works - no, scratch that, Gotham is the best setting of all. but the others are so generically bland it's untrue. Even Metropolis is uninteresting.

With the Marvel stories all set in the real American city - New York being the main one - it adds a lot to the feel of the whole. That and Marvel doesn't have Superman. I'm sorry but I've always thought the character a little lame. He can just do too much. And there is a little too much of the following for my liking.

Superman >> Supergirl >> Superdog
Batman >> Batgirl >> Batwoman >> Bat-Hound

It's just me. I'm not going to try to stop you enjoying whatever you like (as long as it's legal).

Anyway - more writing to come tomorrow. I'm hoping to get another 3-4K done.


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