YA fantasy update

I thought I'd come to some kind of impasse with the novel. The initial idea I had for the next chapter just didn't seem to be right. The more I thought about it the more it seemed wrong.

I know where I want chapter 14 to be but getting there. This chapter 13 is going to be tricky. I need it to continue the calm a little that chapter 12 brought. After all the one it followed was a big action scene. I need it to have a decent pace else it will be a gallop straight towards the big bad.

But how to do it. That was the issue. Well on the drive into work this morning I think I came up with the way to do it. It will mean a bit of a decision for one of the characters that she will regret whichever way she makes it but...

Any road up - have written the first chaplet, 667 words. Now to get on with it.

Writing music for the night so far
 - The Beatles' Revolver
 - Rush's Moving Pictures

Foot is tapping well


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