Tom Waits and Tricky Conversations (a writing combination)

I had a tricky conversation between two of my characters to write so the only music choice I could make was Tom Waits. I picked the album Alice. Normally I like to have music on that makes my foot tap when I'm writing (and Tangerine Dream when I'm revising) but there's just something about Tom Waits.

My wife often remarks that a lot of my musical taste is rather difficult. It's usually when I'm playing King Crimson (especially some of the ProjeKCt stuff) or Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart or...Tom Waits. There are others that would probably also fit in this but these are probably the worst offenders. Oh, some of the German bands like Neu and Can might.

Anyway the point is I am a massive Tom Waits fan. I've loved his music since I first heard it. The first track BTW was Whistlin' Past the Graveyard. And there are times when only Tom's stuff will do it - and that was just what happened earlier.

Played Alice - finished the chaplet, the second of chapter 13. total words added tonight 1,426. A little less than both the previous nights but it was a fiddly little section. Dialogue is a little harder than description.

The novel as a whole is up to 47,857 words. Hoping to get some decent writing in over the weekend. Let's see if 60K is a possibility.

Other than that I have been developing the idea I will take into NaNoWriMo during November. It's a space station story - bit gritty so it should make a nice change from the YA fantasy I'm working on now.

Other than the actual writing I have had no further emails or otherwise about any of the submissions that are out there. Been quite a while since I've heard anything. It's a bit weird. I was expecting at least one rejection by now. That of course is probably ensuring I get a dozen "Go Away Loser" emails tomorrow.

I hope not but it would be nice to at least get some news.

I need to make some time at some point to hunt down some other places to sub to. It does rather get in the way of the writing though and it's nowhere near as enjoyable

Wish me luck


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