Chapter 17 is finito, done, terminated, over and out - I'm like totally over it

Tonight writing is going well. I've added two chaplets totalling 1,200 words and chapter 17 is on the page. I'm celebrating with a Pepsi Max. I must totally go against the typical idea of an author. I'm teetotal (completely, not even in food). I don't smoke. And I'm a vegetarian. I only allow myself caffeine when I'm writing, sticking with just water otherwise. Talk about dull and uninteresting. Hopefully that won't feature as a comment in any review my writing might get in future (assuming of course I am ever published).

The book now has 61,556 words and I think there are about five chapters to go. Although I will admit I may have to add one or two - I did expect 17 to finish a little later than it did but what I've just written felt so much like a stopping point I curtailed it.

Music is doing its usual helping job. So far this evening I have had the Rolling Stones (a compilation) and Rush's Permanent Waves. It's maybe two thirds over so it won't be long before it's being changed. I have the Black Sabbath compilation We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n' Roll waiting next to me. Ozzy! Ozzy!

Anyway - adding blog entries isn't going to get the novel done. Nor, I guess, is checking twitter again. But that's inevitably what I'm about to do.

Change of plan music wise. I remembered it's John Entwistle's birthday. The Who Sell Out is now playing.


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