Done writing for the night

I have completed two chaplets of chapter 17. We are the midst of both magic and the crux of book one.

Tonight I have added 1,836 words bringing the novel up to 60,360. Yes it's through 60K. Getting on for 3/4 done now. Should get a chance this weekend to get a bit more done so I am on course to have this completed (draft one at least) by the end of the month so I can get ready for NaNoWriMo. I am going to go for it - draft one of minimum 50K in a calendar month from scatch. I really must be mad.

Fantasy novel is going well. It's not been as easy as the sf was. I am much more of a science fiction fan over fantasy so I have had to have periods of big thinkings and have on more than one occasion stalled a little; fortunately never for long.

Anyway as it is quarter to eleven and a school night I am not going to do anymore tonight. Going to chill for a few minutes then try to find sleep.

One last thanks to Big Big Train. Their English Electric album has kept me going through this last bit of writing. If you like prog you really need to check his group out.


Joy V. Smith said…
is this your first year for NaNoWriMo?
Edmund Lester said…
It is, I hadn't really got back into writing this time last year

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