Where it all stands Friday

I am still in my awkward position of waiting and planning for NaNoWriMo. It's getting really tough to not just jump in and write the darn thing. I've done a few background sketches - things that should expand into bigger and better things. All in all the ideas doc has 7K words in it. Would imagine when I expand the bits into the novel that should be double that - even if all I do is write it long hand rather than the shorthand of ideas.

Also finding it tough to stay away from the Patternmaker's Daughter. I have this idea for an extra scene I think needs to be added about two thirds in so I may have to go back and add it. Then of course it will be tricky not to start revising it.

What I should do it have a bit of a think about another story idea and get writing that. Say the Weird Novella, Ben Williamson's third outing. Maybe, maybe. I have some thoughts on it so why not?

Anyway - it is the weekend. I have the whole of next week off work and nothing planned at all. So maybe I will find another story. Or maybe I'll just do a little research on other places to send in my exiting stories.

Only time will tell. Let's see what the future brings


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