Chapter 16 is done

That blog heading pretty much sums up what I was going to type in the post itself. I have finished chapter 16. Should I leave it at that? Anything further beyond that point is just filler; fluff.

Well of course I'm not going to. One thing I've noticed from authors is they like writing and I at least share that with them. Hopefully if all goes to plan I will share the published part (with regards novels) with them at some point in the future.

Chapter 16 clocked in at 3,367 words. It got me to the point where the crux of the book is due to start which is a good thing. And I'm reliably informed (it's by my wife so there might be an element of bias I'll admit) that it built some nice tension. The book itself is at 58,529 words.

Tomorrow my wife is at a rehearsal for the concert this Friday. So I will have two more nights in alone to work on it. And then at the weekend she is starting to prepare the next concert. Cue me staying out of the way a bit more and writing. You never know how many words I might be able to add. I'm not going to jinx it this time.

Have been ably assisted today by some great music from
The Who
Pink Floyd
various Northern Soul artists (a compilation in other words)
and Marillion

always need music.


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