Quick Update on Writing Progress

I've managed to spend enough time away from twitter to pen a couple of sections of the YA fantasy. Tonight has seen 1,452 words added bringing the book up to 72,128. Chapter 20 is not far off finished. Probably just another couple of sections and I'll wrap it up. Chapter 21 is the next bit that will move the story along.

Sought my usual support from music. Had a bit of a Marillion fest tonight. Listened to
 - Misplaced Childhood
 - Anoraknophobia
 - Holidays in Eden.

I probably would have picked another one of their albums were it not for a tweet I saw from @TomWaitsPodcast about one of Waits' less liked albums Foreign Affairs. Now I like several of the tracks on that album so it had to be played. It's just finishing as I type this.

Anyway - last thing done for the night. The novel is backed up. I back up all my writing. Every time it changes it gets backed up. Better safe than sorry.


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