Submissions Update, More Twitter Oddness and Wednesday in General

I received another response from an agency today. The Blair Partnership sent me a very polite email saying they would not be looking to represent my novel. This brings the total number of rejections for it to ten. Yep, I'm in double figures. Ah well. Got to keep trying I guess.

Twitter simultaneously told me I have two new followers today while reporting the fact I have one less follower than when I started the day. So it looks like a couple more of the bots that pick it up from time to time dropped off. I had a look through the list and couldn't see as many of the users offering me so many followers (10K, 20K, whatever) for a very reasonable fee as I used to have. No great loss.

Now it looks like pretty much every twitter follower I have is a real person. So that's a plus.

Well tonight will not be as much of a writing night as yesterday (or indeed as tomorrow will be). My wife is home tonight and I intend to spend some time with her. I might just tap out the final part that will bring chapter 20 to an end.

If that's the aim I'd better get to it


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