Writing-ish updates

Yesterday was one of those days writing wise. I gave it a try a couple of times but deleted pretty much everything I tried to write. So I gave it up as a bad idea and moved onto other things. The other things being submissions.

So as a result the weird novella was sent off to another three potential publishers; the science fiction novel to six US agents; and the horror novel to another agent and a potential publisher. I made another short story submissions too of a (hopefully) comedic story with demons, ghosts, zombies and Minnesota Twins baseball caps.

The YA fantasy has been printed off ready to be edited. This last I know is probably a little too close to having written it but my test reader wants to read it and I want to at least fix up the grammar a bit and add in the two scenes I've sketched out to make the plot flow a little better.

So that was that yesterday. I did get to watch a bit more TV than normal and actually spend some time with my wife which was very much needed - and most enjoyable. Especially as it involved watching the last episode of both the Flash and Arrow (UK airings).

Today also started as a no writing day - but it was planned. I went out with my wife. It's the last day we've both got off work and wanted to at least have one day out. Pleasant morning and a really good tasty lunch and I'm back on the keyboard.

And that's when the good news started.

One of the publishers I sent a query about the weird novella The Intersection to asked for a longer sample. Which has been sent off and now I am waiting. Even if it goes no further still pretty cool feeling on receiving that email. But you never know - it could end with people finally getting to meet this Ben Williamson character I've blogged about from time to time.

The absence of writing head yesterday wasn't  100%. My annoying brain did attack me with ideas for two more stories - one more way of tormenting Ben and a YA science fiction story with a generations spaceship added in for good measure.

Now I am going to see if I have a writing head on. I have a couple of hours so let's see


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