Monday is done

I will have to admit I wasn't totally all out writing for the rest of Monday (after the first blog post of the day). I may have watched a bit of TV and spent some time with my wife - I still like her after 23 years together.

But I did do some writing. The sf novel is up to 15,130. Which means that today it got tidied up, put into a novel like structure from my notes and 4,000+ words were added. That will do as a pretty decent kind of day.

This novel is a bit different from the ones I've done previously - especially the YA fantasy that was its immediate predecessor. This is definitely an adult story; not in the way of extremely strong violence of sexual content though. I've created this wisecracking, foul mouthed smuggler character and he's narrating the whole thing. So it's a bit sweary in places - okay in all the places. I'm getting a little creative with it too - many of the combination swear words are amusing my wife when she gives the first draft a quick read.

Hopefully it will work through to the end of the story; especially as it's a setting that could host other stories. It's not set up to be the first in a series the way the Patternmaker's Daughter or Against the Fall of Empire were. The story will be completed come the last page. But I will leave it open that another story could follow sometime later. Why the heck not?

On other news I have started to try to get my twitter following up a bit. It seems to be working. I'm up to 672 followers now which isn't too bad. I will put a good deal more work in over the next few days/weeks/months. Hopefully I can start to match some of the levels I see on other people's following lists.

So if you have been good enough to follow me at @ielester recently, then I thank you. You are making me very happy. I will keep trying to entertain you over the coming tweets. Maybe there will more jokey stuff soon. You never know

Away from the screen we're still working through season 1 of the Flash. Up to ep 21 now. Well it's  better than I remembered from the first two or three we watched at the time but I do have to keep holding myself back form criticising the science too much. My wife will testify to my not doing the best of jobs at this. These shows are fantasy so I should let it lie.

Well - end of the evening so I am heading off for sleep. More writing will be done tomorrow. I will report on it then.


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