Monday evening update - thoughts and some writing

I found another possible place to submit the weird novella The Intersection. The only thing that has held me back is that they require a 500 word synopsis. I didn't have one of those so I started to write it and oddly found it a lot harder to do that write the novella itself.

I put it down a second and came up with a plot for another weird little novella. That's gone down in the notebook for another day.

Once that was done I headed off to spend a little family time - I am quite keen on making sure my marriage lasts (forever). So we watched another episode of the Flash. With it returning we thought we really should finish season 1. Watching it now we remembered why we didn't keep up with it when it was being aired and why we never deleted it from the Sky Box. It's so almost. I really want to like it. I do.

But I have one problem. I'm 47. All the characters are so young. I fear it's not going to be too long before I have gone past watching stuff like this. Darn. I have so enjoyed these shows for years. Ah well - I'll just have to get my pipe and slippers and start to listen to the Archers (never going to f***ing happen).

That done we noticed we had the full run of The Spoils Before Dying on the machine too. We had no idea what it was so hit play on episode one. It's very surreal and I absolutely love it. That will not be being deleted.

Then having finished the two shows and with mu wife wanting to watch a prog I do not, I headed her, to my office, to write a little.

And as you would probably guess I did not re-open the synopsis file. Bad me. I should have stayed focussed and got another submission out there but my brain wanted to get back to my YA fantasy. I'd left them in a bit of a pickle and it was time to start getting them out of it.

Well I have written the first chaplet of ch.20 and despair is still in full flow. The section was 794 words long. The book has now grown to more than 70K. It stands at 70,165 words.

My original thought for it was about 80K but it's looking like breaking through this easily; probably 90K not out of the question now. Still quite a bit to do. For a start getting them out of that pickle. And they need to get some new allies. Book two will require their numbers to have grown a fair bit.

Music is doing its usual support act. So far we have had
 - Spock's Beard - Snow
 - Sister of Mercy - Floodland

And I still haven't detailed the handful of books I bought at yesterday morning's car boot sale; very remiss of me.

Now I need to just tap the keys a few more times before heading for the lounge and catching up with Victora Coren-Mitchell and Only Connect.


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