Friday very quick update

I did a quick bit of writing earlier in the evening. It added 1,008 words to the novel bringing it up to 75,838 in total. It's getting quite close to the end of this opening book. Once it's done (in the next few days) I will revise it, submit it to the few agencies that will look at YA fantasy and maybe a publisher or two and then sketch down the plot for the rest of the story and put it aside in favour of something else. I need to keep trying to get these darn things published and as you can't sell a book two if book one is not sold I will move on to fresh pastures. Fortunately as I've typed before, I have something in mind.

Going back to the Patternmaker's Daughter I have a confession. I had been thinking of this story as the inevitable trilogy - it is fantasy after all. The problem is the more I shape the story in my head and brief notes the less I can see it fitting into just three books, even if I make them longer than this one.

It's looking like it could become four (or maybe five). It got me thinking. I had three titles in mind. Obviously you know the first one - unless your memory is so bad you've forgotten the previous paragraph already. If so you have my sympathies - I've had days like that too. Anyway here goes for the four titles now in circulation

The Patternmaker's Daughter
The Runecarver
The Runecarver's Daughter
A Concert of Runesmiths

Fingers crossed I get to write the second to fourth of them. I like the ideas for this series.

I am also sketching out a new idea for another weird novella. It's another chance for me to seriously screw with my middle-aged, middle-class, middle-Englander Ben Williamson. I'm hoping I get to sell one of these novellas at some point as I could see myself tormenting this guy over and over as the years go by.

Anyway - Friday evening is done. More writing tomorrow


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