Thursday update 1

My wife is doing more music stuff tonight - rehearsing for the Ashbeian Musical Theatre Group concert tomorrow night. She does a fair bit with them and enjoys herself doing it. I'm told they are doing a version of the song Black Coffee that has the cast applauding madly whenever it's played in rehearsal so must be good.

They have a website if anyone cares. It's a bit out of date and doesn't actually mention the concert but give you an idea about them

Anyway this means I am all alone again and writing. I have written the first section of Chapter 17 - including a little bit of magic. It added 949 words to the book taking the total to 59,473.

I am going to get going on the next now. Probably have the best part of an hour until my wife is back

Tonight's writing has so far been set to music (without their even knowing) by
 - Led Zeppelin
 - Edison's Children
 - Transatlantic


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